Current Social Programs

(A) Social current programs

(i) Youth Team work

(ii) Kibbutz Anniversary

(iii) Yeshiva Study

(iv) HIV / AIDS

(v) Environment Conservation and

(vi) Sports and games

(vii) Monthly Youth Meetings

(i) Youth Team Work.

Youth Team work started since 1980s where young people across entire Synagogue are invited to work together for days involving works on the project which they had in their minds which have permanent solution example building headquarter Nabugoye Synagogue which can as a result of team work spirit and love. And many other works was performed.

(ii) Kibbutz Anniversary Day.

Since 1980s AYA pioneers on this day encourages youth to commemorate this days because its our history in the life of Abayudaya communities  and the event always bears good result, that most of youth on come together and dismiss issues which affect their life.

(iii) Yeshiva Study:

Yeshiva, it has helped a lot in shaping the youth and understands the Torah very   through interpreting it with the help of Rabbi Gershom. After Shabbat prayers. We have Torah study from the parashit we have read that day hence encourage   the youth to continue to love and have strength in Judaism.


In our every event, we sensitize youth to take a serious care on HIV/AIDS as part of sensitization we make research on how young people may avoid the transmission of the disease. We found that the condom has no power to stop the affection; we as well recognize that life skills will help young people to understand themselves and therefore will be serious in decision making.

In our current program we are insist use of condom, and then we sensitize youth to understand themselves and their values toward the Society. We also discuss with youth another type of entertainment instead of sexual.

(v) Environmental Conversation:

Association Sensitize Youth to participate in environmental conservation, we planted trees in Synagogues,

In our current program we plan to co-operate with Primary and Secondary Schools, Churches and Mosques to plant trees in Mbale Region, Palisa, Namutumba, Apach, and  Budaka District .we give every student 5 trees, and every member of the Churches and Mosques 10 trees  seed to plant in his/her area.  Also we plan to conserve the natural forest. We shall create and train the environmental committees how to conserve the areas.  We also discuss with youth other types of environmental hazards, like air pollution, noise pollution, plastic materials etc. We also establish the necessary trees.

(vi) Sports and Games:

The Association is planning to lobby and make advocacy on implementation of Abayudaya Youth games to be affiliated with other communities in participation and be opened to the out side world.

(vii) Monthly Youth Meetings:

Since January this year, Association conducts Youth meeting every month, where youth discuss issues affect their life, to date several issues were discussed, like Environmental, Poverty among our communities’ members, HIV/AIDS, sustainable development projects etc.

In the end of discussion Youth always come out with the resolution, the resolution forwarded to the “Top Executive committee management of the community” for further action, other resolution are implemented by our Association if it is under capacity, example having Youth Director to the Executive committee of the committee where he/she has to address the issues that affect the youth and how to over come them.