Current Economic Programs

(B) Current Economic Programs.

(i) Agriculture

(ii) Tourism

(iii) Carpentry and

(iv) Trading.

(i) Agriculture:

Association has at least 5 acres of fertile land in each seven Synagogues.

The plan is to grow groundnuts, and fruits and hot culture farming. Part of farming we have plan in mind to keep animals in the areas.

Current program is to survey the land and having permit document from recognized institution in the Government.

(ii) Carpentry/plumbering/Electrical:

Association succeeded in training most youth in different fields like carpentry, Nursing, Teaching, Plumbering, and Tailoring with the help from KULANU Organization as well as our community in different Vocational institutions in Uganda.

(iv)       Trading:

We have plan in mind to make business which will help young people to employ themselves through business, but also to help AYA to be independent of Donors.