About Us

The Abayudaya are a Ugandan community who practice Judaism. The Jewish practice in Uganda began in 1919, with Semei Kakungulu, who was a British colonial agent. The Abayudaya are not genetically or historically ethnic Jews, but are a community devout in their practice of the Jewish religion, e.g. Keeping Kashruth, and observing Shabbat. Today, the group is recognized by members of the Reform and Conservative sects of Judaism.

The Abayudaya Youth Association dates back to the early 1980´s when the Abayudaya youth came together to carry out voluntary activities to save the Jewish faith which was fading away from Uganda. One of their activites was to organize the unit of the youth in form of a Kibbutz for the purpose of promoting voluntary activites which promote Judaism in Uganda. Currently, youth activities are carried out in different communities-Synagogues.


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